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A Message from the President of EULAR

Dear Members of the EULAR Community,

In 2019, the EULAR Campaign together with ILAR, APLAR and PANLAR is marking World Arthritis Day by emphasising the importance of supportive employer and company policies to enable people with RMDs to work.

Read the press release here and read more about the EULAR Campaign in action in the EULAR PARE newsletter here.

To mark the day, EULAR is also releasing ‘Day in the life’ video stories, which will premiere on EULAR Youtube on 12 October. Watch and share the trailers in the run up over EULAR Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, on Wednesday, 16 October, EULAR will host its annual Brussels conference. Make your voice heard using the online voting platform on the day and download the programme here.

Let’s join together to make the difference that the RMD community needs.

Best wishes,

Professor Iain McInnes
EULAR Presiden